Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mobster "Shocks Us All" By Finding Loophole To Escape Prison Time

(Reuters/ National Affairs Desk) -SICILY - A court in Sicily has ruled that an accused Mafioso can be put under house arrest because he is too fat for any Italian jail. Regardless of accommodations offered, the only "reasonable" plan was to simply send the hardened criminal home so he could be comfortable.

Salvatore Ferranti, who weighs 210 kg (462 pounds), was allowed to go home after spending six months in four Italian prisons, his lawyer told Reuters, confirming a local newspaper report.

Guards at the first two prisons said they constantly needed to help Ferranti, 36, get dressed and undressed, move about and go to the bathroom.

"If we refused to aid him, we would have been stuck cleaning up all his [feces]," Said one of the guards. "...which there was an enormous amount of. It was amazing because he was only given two plain sandwiches a day."

Guards at other prisons said there was no bed big enough for him, that he could not get through the bathroom door, and that they would be at a loss if he had to be taken to a hospital in an emergency.

Ferranti was accused of being a member of the Mafia clan once headed by Salvatore Lo Piccolo, the "boss of bosses" arrested last November.

Mob Lawyer Raffaele Bonsignore filed a motion with a court in Palermo to release him under house arrest because he suffered from "grave obesity", calling it "a pathology incompatible with prison".

"Just because he is a drug dealing, bank-heisting murderer and criminal mastermind is no justification for him needing to be uncomfortable in a jail cell. Home is where he belongs. And he can also eat what he likes there as well, which he will enjoy.".

(reporting by Philip Pullell) (with comical addition from the NADNW)

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