Friday, October 2, 2009

Texas Forensic Science Commission To Review Arson Ruling That Led To Execution

Cameron Tod Willingham was executed in February of 2004 for the suspected arson of his home that led to the death of his three children on December 23, 1991.

The Innocence Project has taken a closer look at the case, however, and their findings have prompted the Texas Forensic Science Commission to review a report Friday from an expert who has concluded that the arson determination may have been faulty.

Created by the Texas Legislature in 2005, the nine member panel will hear from others including the State Fire Marshal's Office and then release its own report. What happens after that is unclear. This is the commission's first review case; they do not have the authority to determine Willingham's guilt or innocence.

The purpose of this panel is only to determine forensic negligence.

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  1. That right there is a prime example of why the death penalty is flawed, barbaric and should be abolished. Case closed.

  2. The work the Innocence Project does is so interesting to me. It is truly amazing the things they are finding out not only about this case but quite a few cases!


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