Sunday, September 27, 2009

500, 000 Loonies to protect Bush's ass

Some how, amongst maintaining the madness that is the NAD, and that of my real world, I will find time to throw some rant this way. Any way, I have a little something, something. A Bush bash, man I miss bashing the Bush (sounds naughty, doesn't it?), so here goes...

First read this; by way of the Globe and Mail (link)

The short version is that the Canadian tax payer is about to spend $500,000 on added protection so that Bush can pretend to be an adult and do what Bill Clinton does, which is travel all over the place and make mad money doing speaking engagements.

I am not sure what baffles me the most. Is it the idea that the Canadian government would agree to flip all those loonies towards the Bush entourage, in order to protect a man that probably has a small army of secret service agents around him all the time anyway? Or, or, and here is the punch line; who in there right mind, aside from those of us that loves a good Bushism, is going to spend good money listening to Bush speak? He would be better off doing a tour where he throws out first pitches. I'd be leery of letting him handle scissors, so I guess grand openings are out of the question. Oh Georgie, how I have missed you so.

Joseph Lane


  1. Oh God how I miss having a President we can all rightfully hate! Unless he's doing reenactments of "BUSHISMS" (the incredibly unorganized and laugh-inspiring comments he has made over his years in office, I can't see spending a even quarter to see him speak when you know all along that you could've had a nice gumball.

  2. There was something almost comforting about the idea that I was 13 times more intelligent then the most powerful man in the world...wait now that I think about that statement, that might be the scariest idea of all time.

    I think Bush should do a comedy tour. Leave the adult, the big table speaking, to the likes of Clinton and Carter.


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